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9339 PU Competition Disc 10 lbs

  • Length N/A
  • Width N/A
  • Height N/A
  • Weight N/A
  • Weight Stack N/A
  • Area N/A

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4018 PURE KRAFT T-Bar row

  • Training of the back muscles
  • Stabilization through the angled foot platform and chest pad
  • Two grip options
  • Decreasing load

4023 PURE KRAFT 45° Linear Leg Press

  • Training of the thigh and hip extensor muscles
  • 5-position adjustable backrest
  • Wide tread surface, for variability in foot positioning
  • Storage pins for weight discs

4026 PURE KRAFT Seated Calf Raise

  • Training of the calf muscles
  • Height adjustable support pad
  • Quick-lock mechanism, for an easy start
  • Naturally angled handles

4038 PURE KRAFT Squat Machine

  • Training of the entire leg and calf muscles
  • Various training options, such as squats, lunges and calf exercises
  • Extra-large foot plate
  • Triple height adjustment

4159N PURE KRAFT Hack Squat

  • Training of the thigh muscles
  • Triple height adjustment
  • Extra-large and wide footplate
  • Extra thick shoulder pads

4307 PURE KRAFT Lying Abdominal

  • Training the abdominal muscles
  • Footrest
  • Two fixed handles, for an optimal training position

4311 PURE KRAFT Lat Pulldown Dual

  • Training of the broad back muscles
  • Narrow or wide grip possible
  • Two independent training arms
  • Upper leg fixation

4314 PURE KRAFT Seated Leg Press Dual

  • Training of the entire leg muscles
  • Unilateral training possible
  • Three-level adjustable back pad
  • Large foot plate

4317 PURE KRAFT Ab Swing

  • Training of the straight and lateral abdominal muscles
  • rotating knee pad
  • Four handles as well as padded arm rest
  • Storage pins for weight discs